For some years, I wrote songs, sang, and played banjo and harmonica in a strange but committed band called The Wrist and Pistols. Pablo Colapinto (organ, piano, chromonica, vocals), Michael Colin (drums, percussion, sometimes vocals, also a member of Brooklyn heavies Aa), and William Pym (bass, vocals) rounded out this gang of whiskey-swilling verse shouters and stompers, with occasional contributions from other close friends. The Wrist and Pistols outfit opened for a lot of folks in Philadelphia and New York, and we toured the UK and Denmark too. But mostly we wrote and sang songs and riddles in rhyme, lots of them, convoluted and deadly sincere, for and about ourselves and each other; practices often ended in broken strings, broken bottles, and catatonia. Our chief ambitions in those days were to take a relax, make a good rock, and know each other more fully. These days we live all over the world, but we still play when we gather together, usually in the summertime and sometimes in the woods. Today other pursuits take up most of our time: doctoring, writing, worldmaking, curating, coding, cooking, camping, interviewing, editing, government work, photographing, filmmaking, fieldworking, fermenting. But these tunes survive, in all their baroque and busted glory.

So, submitted for archival and nostalgic purposes, here are all the “studio” and many “home” recordings, including Blessings (2003, featuring Luke Fischbeck of Lucky Dragons), Choke at Will (2005, featuring the lovely Meg Baird of Espers), the Lakeside Poconos-demos (2006), and the Apologies and E Pluribus Unicorn 7″s (2003 and 2006, respectively). (For initiates, Choke at Will is probably the easiest place to start.) Drop a line if you’d like CD or 7″ copies, with art and notes–plenty remain, believe me–or if you’re interested in (re)issuing any of this material, much of which was unreleased or only distributed smallbatch-style, like fine booze. Live recordings, radio broadcasts, outtakes, false starts, and studies provide additional buried treasure for the future–even more shambolic, if you can believe that. We made this music for you too, so enjoy (find download links below, beneath the night forest.) Or come here.

||||||||||||||||||WRISTOPOLIS (download tunes here)||||||||||||||||||



37. December 14, 2005:    Philadelphia:   Standard Tap, Standard Session with the Drugbyrds (Joey Sweeney.)

36. October 28, 2005:    New York:   Cakeshop with New England Roses (BARR/ JD Samson/ Sarah Shapiro), Lucky Dragons, and The Redcoats Are Coming.

34. September 24, 2005:   Brooklyn:   Sodafine. [Duo performance, sans Bones.]

33. August 10, 2005:   Philadelphia:   Khyber with Mit Nye Band, Lucky Dragons, and Aa. [Feat. Andreas Hauer-Jensen on drums.]

32. August 6, 2005:   Portland, Maine:   Longfellow Garden, on the occasion of the wedding of Rachel G. Lawrence and William M. Cohen. [Trio performance of Roosevelt Jamison’s soul classic “That’s How Strong My Love Is.”]

31. August 5, 2005:   Skowhegan, Maine:   Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture with Mit Nye Band. Bonfire show. [Feat. Asger Hvid on percussion.]

30. August 4, 2005:   Cambridge: Lorem Impsum Books with Mit Nye Band. Acoustic show. [Final show with Michael Colin, until his return from Tel Aviv.]

29. August 3, 2005:   Providence: 200 Million Transit St. with Mit Nye Band, Matthew de Gennaro, Geoff Mullen, and some other folks. [Moved from AS220 due to construction.]


28. July 17, 2005:   Philadelphia: Khyber with Sir Richard Bishop and Akron/Family.

27. May 4, 2005:   Philadelphia: Standard Tap, Standard Session with Scary Mansion and Michael Leviton. [Trio performance, without Mike.]

26. April 24 and 25, 2005:   Copenhagen, Denmark: Club Fox and Stengade 30, DJ sets as IAPM (International Association of Paper-Makers), sadly sans Pablo. Courtesy of Volkswagen and Escho crew.

25. March 18, 2005:  [performing as the Red Essentials] Philadelphia: Vox Populi with Radian and Steven James [who replaced Khonnor for unknown reasons.]

24. March 5, 2005:  Philadelphia: Khyber with 6 Organs of Admittance (featuring Chris Corsano) and PG Six

23. January 23, 2005:  New York, NY: Tonic, snowstorm show with The Scene is Now and Matt Mottel

22. January 22, 2005:  Philadelphia: Khyber with Relay, South Congress, and Phil Moore Browne [CANCELED-snow]

21. November 2, 2004:  Philadelphia: Khyber Election Day show with Landing, Arc in Round, and Anti-Clockwise (Robert of Tono-Bungay & The Scene Is Now)

20. September 26, 2004: Philadelphia: North Star with the Incredible String Band and Espers.

19. August 15, 2004: Philadelphia: Vox Populi with Flaherty & Corsano and Taurpis Tula. [CANCELED-sickness of others.]

18. July 17, 2004: Philadelphia: North Star w/ David Grubbs (of Gastr del Sol) and Mighty Flashlight (Mike Fellows of rites of Spring). Due to scheduling error, CHANGED to Scout Niblett and Swearing at Motorists.


17. July 4, 2004: London, England: The Bull (292-294 St. John’s St., Angel) w/ Lucky Dragons, y.a.c.h.t., Bobby Birdman, Disastronaut, and the Euro 2004 Finals. [Final public engagement of “Dry Humping the Continent” European Tour.]

16. June 26, 2004: Aarhus, Denmark: SpLab/Noise Jihad @ Royal Danish Academy of Art w/ Lucky Dragons, y.a.c.h.t., Bobby Birdman

15. June 25, 2004: Copenhagen, Denmark: Kirken i Mollegade, Escho Festival w/ Lucky Dragons, y.a.c.h.t., Bobby Birdman, Dan Band, Düreforsög, Escho Big Band, Fontan, FOS, Bebe, skipper, kontroll.er, Teppop, Voks, MHM (Kill Your Teeth), Mads Heldtberg, Boriz Stjernebye, Uglen Batman, Thulebasen, Nis Sigurdsson & Marie Plum (blomster).

14. June 21, 2004: Stirling, Scotland: Inati2004 Video Showcase with Diskono folks and Wolftype. [CANCELED-mysterious circumstances.]

13. June 20, 2004: Edinburgh, Scotland: Subway w/ Lucky Dragons, y.a.c.h.t., Bobby Birdman, Roddy Hart, and St. Jude’s Infirmary.

12. June 19, 2004: Glasgow, Scotland: TrainRec HQ w/ Lucky Dragons, y.a.c.h.t., Bobby Birdman, Germlin, Thee Moths.

11. June 18, 2004: Dundee, Scotland: Beat Bar w/ Lucky Dragons, y.a.c.h.t., Bobby Birdman, Thee Moths, Indi Rev. [First engagement of “Dry Humping the Continent” European tour.]


10. May 1, 2004: Princeton, NJ: live on-air performance on WPRB’s Idiot Control

9. April 24, 2004: Philadelphia: Bibliotheque 4th Annual Benefit/Anniversary for HingeOnline.com at Robert’s House w/ Lucky Dragons, Illoin, She-Wolf

8. April 2, 2004: Philadelphia: Khyber w/ Don Caballero, Man Man

7. February 18, 2004: Philadelphia: Khyber w/ Espers, Jackie O Motherfucker

6. February 6, 2004: Philadelphia: AKA Records in-store performance

5. January 10, 2004: Philadelphia: Muffin Buckingham house on Mole St. w/ Lucky Dragons, Muffin Buckingham. [First outing as 4-piece, with William on bass.]

4. June 28-29, 2003: Philadelphia: Dragonballz 2-day farewell festival at Soap Factory w/ Lucky Dragons, Illoin, Stay Fucked, Semiautomatic, Aa, This Invitation, Golden Ball/Ex Reverie, Sweatheart, the Three Rs, The Nine Billion Names of God, Jen Turrell, Boyracer, Dream House, Origami. [First outing as 3-piece, with Michael on electronic drums.]

3. May 22, 2003: Philadelphia: Soap Factory w/ Dat Politics, Espers, Nathan Michel, Lucky Dragons

2. May 13, 2003: Philadelphia: “Baby Girl Put It On Me” tattoo art show at Space 1026

1. March 12, 2003: Philadelphia: Soap Factory w/ Aa, Lucky Dragons, Loveletter Band, Horse Sinister and others we can’t remember

That’s all I can remember. Historical details are fuzzy.

More information here and here.


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